What is Tempeh?

Tempeh is one of the most under-valued superfoods in the world. It’s an all-natural plant protein made with simple, whole-food ingredients that is high in protein, low-carb, gluten-free, and a good source of vitamins and minerals. The natural fermentation of tempeh adds beneficial bacteria and improves digestion.

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  • Organic, Non-GMO

    We care about your well-being and the health of our planet. We use organic beans, which are grown without chemical pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

  • Handcrafted in Hong Kong

    All of our tempeh are locally crafted and fermented in a precise and controlled environment to deliver the best taste and texture for you. No preservatives or additives!

  • Alive & Unpasteurized

    We do not pasteurize our tempeh. Instead, we freeze them immediately after fermentation to preserve the freshness and nutrition, while keeping the healthy bacteria alive.

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