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煙燻燒烤味 即食有機黃豆天貝

Smoky BBQ Tempeh

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Net Weight 150g


No time to cook? Try our Smoky BBQ Tempeh! It's saucy, sweet and tangy, the perfect addition to salads, noodles or stir-fry.


Organic soy tempeh, water, soy sauce, olive oil, tomato paste, brown sugar, corn syrup, molasses, apple cider vinegar, salt, liquid smoke, onion powder, pepper

How to Cook

Pan-fry the Tempeh cubes with 1 tbsp of oil until crispy. Add in the Smoky BBQ sauce, toss well to coat the tempeh.


- Freezer (below -18°C): 3 month

- Fridge (0-4°C): 5 days